Current mood: Hazardous

If you’ve ever done something with me, to me or around me which was a little strange, expect it to be in the act. If you come to a show, don’t be surprised when the story I’m tellin’ has some eerie similarities to something you remember doing, saying or witnessing.

If you are a woman, and you take a ‘dump’ in my shower, then proceed to act as if the act never happened, you will end up in the act.

If during oral sex, you offhandedly say to me the following, “Honey, don’t make me HAVE to F23K you.” Your guaranteed a spot in my set.

Or (as some you have read before) if while in the throes of ecstasy you scream in your best satanic possession voice “I F23King hate you Anthony, you F23K me so good, I H A T E YOU!” There will be a 5 minute story including every minuscule detail of said event.

Or during an IM session (in which the subject is personal, regarding my social status and referring to a particular woman) your manager (HE) responds to the following statement with this.
Me- I’m ready to fall in love.
My manager- I think we should just F23K and be friends.

Or if your manager sends this bit of wisdom over IM.
My manager- try this next time your on a date.. Confucius says…A cock in your mouth,
feels great to me.

Yes, you my friend will find a healthy chunk devoted to you and just you.

That’s IT.

Anthony Dominguez