I’ve had many adventures, I’ve dated some, um, how do I put this delicately? Alternate personality types, yeah, that works, who have given me years of stage material. Here are a few of the gems spilled forth from their ever so lovely mouths. I’ll break them down into situations. You can figure out the context.

In the Bedroom
Don’t make me F23K you!
I F23King HATE YOU ANTHONY, you F23K me so good, I H A T E Y O U!
What? You don’t like that?- after punching me in the face, punching ME in the FACE!
You know, I haven’t done this to my Husband in 8 months.- This was my first knowledge of H.
Just bang my fat friend, then we can go do our thing, she goes right to sleep after.
This is my friend ‘insert name’ she gives great head- but you can’t bang her.
I only like anal.
I’ve only had a woman go down on me, so a man never will.
Shhhh, I think I hear my uncle, oh it’s okay, they are having sex too.
arf, arf, bark, bar, whoof, whoof, arf! yeah, she actually barked. odd.

Instant Messenger
We should just be friends and F23K.-
Hey, I’m black.
You wanna come fool around? You don’t mind I’m in a wheelchair do you?
Hey, if you can be quiet and not wake up my parents, come over.

First Meeting
I just thought my daughter would watch a movie, while we F23Ked in your room.
I went to a party and F23ked 15 guys, I feel I can tell you anything, but I can’t date you.
My baby is a F23King b!ich!
Here’s 12 pictures of my pussy on my cell phone, see how pretty it is? Oh, here’s my card, I’m a Christian store owner. I need some cock tonight.
I can’t F23K you, I have a boyfriend- said while blowing my friend.

Text Messages
I’ve decided to start going out with my ex again, sorry.
I want your cock so bad- It was a wrong number. so sad.
Your very funny, just wanted to say that, never contact me again. smiley face.
In 30 seconds this text message will self destruct.
My husband found a video of us together- I didn’t know this person, at all. No video.
I’m gonna kill you – from husband of video gurl.