Where to start. Today we have Bendis, Mike Mignola and 1/2 of the Luna Brothers. My editor cringed when I picked up the Luna book. If you remember back in the day, I’ve had a love,hate,hate relationship with the Luna Brothers and their particular type of story telling. Girls quite literally made me turn green and rampage through the store each week it arrived. Luckily, Bendis and Mignola are a few of my favorites. Hopefully they will cleanse my palette when if 1/2 of the Luna brothers sickens me. Read below for the final outcome. Hopefully it’s not a sh!t sandwhich, if it is The yummy bread will be Brilliant and Lobster Johnson. Thank you, and as always…enjoy.

Format-Theoretically Ongoning
Price-  3.95
Shipping- It’s Bendis….enough said.

The Basics- Right off the bat we meet Amdeus, I’m getting a Preacher feel from this character. That makes me smile inside. When you finish the first introduction, you Preacher fans will know what I’m talking about. This first issue is good on two levels, it introduces to all of the main (?) characters and gives us the basic plot (?). Something many new comics have forgotten to do in the pursuit of the all mighty dollar. They make the first issue deliberately vague to get you onto the 2nd. That really pisses me off. Bendis broke that trend with this issue. I’m satisfied, and most importantly, interested in the second issue. Based solely upon what the opening plot has going for it. Solid characters, an interesting twist on an old idea and it reminds me of The Big Bang Theory. Not a bad start.

The Art- I like the layout, the use of space, the panels with tons of information and no dialogue. Some panels feel rushed, yet it gives the book a movie quality for me. I do hope for a little more detail in the main characters as the series progresses. I found myself double checking who was who a couple of times.

The Verdict- Sold. I’m sold so far, the plot is interesting and I’m hoping for dialogue and character development that will make Philip K Dick proud (read the comic and this reference will make sense).

Publisher- Image
Writer-Joshua Luna
Artist-Joshua Luna
Format- Ongoing
Price-  $2.99
Shipping- On time so far

The Basics- My first reaction is ‘Here comes the suck’. Please prove me wrong…Joshua Luna you have done the impossible. I’m not enraged, or annoyed. I’m engaged, thinking of the possibilities the main character Sam coud (will) get himself involved in. Once again, a tried and true plot idea with a lil twist. At first I thought this was gonna be a Vampire story, then a ghost story, the actual story is solid. The main character is sufficiently weird enough for me to get behind (think Monk) and the cast of friends/enemies are strong enough for me to like and dislike as needed. Let me clarify that last statement, the characters aren’t particularly strong, they are cliche enough for me to like the good ones and pray for disaster to befall the bad ones. Light enough for me to enjoy a scoopful each month.

The Art- If you are a Luna fan, then you are aware of the style of art all their books have. Light flowing colors, watercolor like. Blurred backgrounds, Lots of focus on faces and facial expressions. I’ve never been turned off by the art in a Luna book. In fact, I will always pick up their latest offering (as a team or independently) because I enjoy the art. It’s the stories I’m not always so keen on.

The Verdict- Ry Ry says I like this comic out of spite. I beg to differ. I like it because it’s light and airy. It’s gonna get darker, but I don’t think the ‘lightness’ will fade away. Does any of what I’m writing make sense to anyone other than me? I say, pick this one up if you are a fan of the either Luna brother. Pick this one up if you like interesting stories and can handle disappointment if they don’t progress in the manner you expected or end on a sad note. I’m not sure if either of those things will happen, but always be prepared. The gamble is what makes this one so enticing.

Title-Lobster Johnson
Publisher- Dark Horse
Writer-Mike Mignola
Artist-Tonci Zonjic
Format- 5 issues miniseries
Price-  $3.50
Shipping- on  time so far

The Basics- Lobster Lohnson is a character from the BPRD in Hell Boys Universe. There’s a whole backstory, current storyline etc. involving Lobster Johnson. It’s a good character, interesting, different (he’s named Lobster and leaves a claw mark on his victims) full of the usual BPRD hokus pokus, and underworld magic. This particular story takes place during The Great Depression, it reads like a Great Depression Radi show. The language, villains, reporters, cops etc. Nostalgic, a good nostalgic. Lobster Johnson is cleaning out a town, or cleaning up a town, there’s a conspiracy and some magic in the works.

The Art- I’m not familiar with Tonci Zonjic, but I do like saying his name 3 times fast between shots of Sailor Jerry Rum. It’s fun. As for his art, I like the nostalgic feel of it as well. Sharp colors, sharp edges, simple facial expressions and a nice flowing layout of panels. Every few panels, the details will catch you off guard.

The Verdict- There is nothing new here, a tried and true formula from Mike Mignola and his crew. There doesn’t need to be anything new. The BPRD universe is fun, entertaining, and different than any other comic book universe out there, save the Goon’s universe. If you like the Goon or Hell Boy, or anything Mike Mignola, this is for you. If you like old radio show stories, also for you. If you like good, this if for you.

That’s it!
Anthony Dominguez